Germany Crime Rates 2024 – A Forecast

Crime rates in Germany – Top 3 crimes

Police statistics show the top 3 crimes in Germany every year. In 2020, theft, property crime, forgery and road traffic crime were at the top of the list. Which of these crimes will increase or decrease in the future is difficult to predict. However, experts believe that cybercrime will play an even greater role in the future. This is computer crime, which is becoming increasingly common, especially in the age of digitalization.

Changes in the crime sector due to the Corona pandemic

The Corona pandemic has caused changes in many areas of public life. These changes are also clearly noticeable in the area of crime. Experts believe that overall crime rates will drop slightly as a result of the Corona pandemic. This is mainly because there are fewer opportunities to commit crimes. However, there will be areas where crime increases as the pandemic progresses. For example, domestic violence is expected to increase.

Future of crime rates in Germany until 2024

The question of how crime rates in Germany will develop between now and 2024 is, of course, not easy to answer. However, experts believe that there will continue to be an increase in violent crime. This could be due primarily to the young population, which has fewer and fewer inhibitions about committing violence. Another cause of the rise in violent crime could be the increasing drug problem in Germany. A further increase is also expected in the area of cybercrime.

Impact of crime rates on society and the law

A high crime rate has a significant impact on society and the law. For example, too much violent crime can severely affect the public’s sense of security. To prevent this, we must take action now at the latest and develop strategies to reduce crime rates. In addition, higher penalties and consistent prosecution are needed to confront offenders. Only in this way can we maintain long-term trust in our security authorities and our system based on the rule of law.


Crime rates in Germany are an important issue that affects us all. In the course of digitalization, we will have to deal increasingly with cybercrime in the coming years. However, we must not lose sight of the other crimes, especially violent crime will continue to rise. To counteract this, we must develop strategies together and invest in consistent law enforcement. This is the only way to maintain long-term trust in our security authorities and our system based on the rule of law.
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