Curious laws in Germany

Curious traffic rules in Germany

Germany is known for having some of the strictest traffic rules in the world. However, there are some curious traffic rules that some people may find a bit strange. One example is the “right-hand driving rule,” which states that you must always drive on the right when on the road, except when overtaking. One rule that surprises many foreigners is that in Germany it is illegal to overtake on the highway unless you are going faster than the vehicle in front. If you break this rule, you risk a fine or even your driver’s license.

Curious labor laws in Germany

When it comes to labor laws in Germany, there are some curious laws. One example is that employers may not hold out the prospect of work to their employees that is impossible without causing unnecessary difficulty or pain. Another example is that workers should not be forced to do their work standing up unless it is absolutely necessary. Referees in soccer must always be available in the area of the field of play for a half-time break should they need to use the restroom during the game.

Curious laws about pets

In Germany there are also some interesting laws about pets. For example, dogs must always wear a muzzle in public places unless they have a special permit. It is also illegal to keep exotic animals unless you have a special permit. In addition, in Germany it is illegal to leave your pets alone in the car, even if the car is open. This law exists to ensure the welfare of the animal and public safety.

Curious laws in criminal law

Germany also has some interesting laws in criminal law. The “Knöllchen” or parking ticket is popularly known, but did you know that Germany also has a “dog tax” for pets? Those who do not pay them risk a fine. It is also illegal to publicly serve or share meals on the street. If you want to enjoy your meal outside, always move to a table or park.


Germany has some interesting and curious laws, ranging from traffic rules and labor laws to animal rights and criminal law. These laws are an important part of German life and show how hard the state tries to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens. While you don’t necessarily need to know all of these laws, they are a fun and entertaining way to explore the country. If you live in Germany or plan to visit, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with these laws to avoid unnecessary penalties and inconvenience.
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